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High School Students


Objectives: The objectives of HEEHD 2020 focuses on COVID-19 and listed, follows:

 1. Analyze barriers preventing HBCUs/MSIs from securing significant funding awards or translating research results to address health disparities in minority populations.

2. Facilitate scientific discussion to devise effective methods for improving biomedical R&D; Innovation; Entrepreneurship; and Award management training for HBCUs/MSIs  so that faculty and assisting students (i.e. next generation of biomedical researchers), are equipped with proficient skills to significantly increase NIH grant/contract awards and address COVID-19 disparities with commercialized technology-transfer.

3. Facilitate policy discussions with federal and state governments, industry, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on how HBCUs/MSIs can effectively apply their HEEHD training to address health disparities by leveraging government, organizational, and industry resources.

4. Demonstrate and discuss evidenced-based technological tools and needed research that can help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in minority communities.

5. Generate a database of culturally and linguistically responsive strategic approaches effective in containing the spread of COVID-19 in minority communities.

6. Presents perspectives from a diverse group of minority professionals,  organizations, and agencies (i.e., HBCUs, Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs); Faith-Based Organizations (FBO), Health Care Organizations (HCO), Educational Organizations (EO), Small Businesses (SB); and Community Based Organizations (CBO) to formulate scientific and practical strategies to moderate the devastating effects of COVID-19 in minority communities.





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The HEEHD 2020 conference theme is Concentrate Minority Forces to Eradicate COVID-19 Economic and Health Disparities with Commercial BioMedical Innovations. This theme addresses a tactical mission objective for training HBCUs/MSIs to translate biomedical innovation to tech-transfer intellectual property (IP) to minority companies that, consequently, achieve the measurable goal of commercializing biomedical innovations that eradicate COVID-19 related health & economic disparities with Health and Human Services (HHS) funding NIH STTR funding.