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4th Annual HEEHD Flyer FINAL

High School/Middle Students





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HEEHD 2022 Objectives 

The 4th Annual HEEHD 2021 Virtual Conference will invite peer reviewed empirical research from HBCUs and MSIs (Hispanic Serving Institutions and Tribal Colleges), minority companies, and organizations/agencies focused on measurable techniques & methods to effectively facilitate innovative research and development (R&D); technology transfer; and resulting product/service commercialization to eradicate economic and health disparities within and among minority populations with a focus on Maternal and Child Health Disparities.  The next sentences were duplications of this section; Dr. Ford deleted them.

This translational R&D oriented paradigm shift, for HBCUs/MSIs, has potential to improve the scientific knowledge of how innovative interventions, to prevent or mitigate maternal and child health disparity, are executed.  This tactical strategy has potential to economically sustain HBCUs/MSIs through technology transfer licensing revenue; galvanize a cooperative mission to address persistent economic and health disparities such as maternal and child health disparities through innovations (i.e., generated by HBCUs/MSIs); and annihilate systemic racism that attempts to curtail economic and health viability of minority populations that start in childhood.

Content will be provided.