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The JUICE Technology Transfer Program ensures that innovations, developed by JUICE Members, are broadly available to JUICE Member Institutions and Companies to maximize the benefit to the public and the United States (U.S.).  

During your JUICE Journey start-up phase; enhancing an existing product or service; or creating a new product line, gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by licensing a JUICE high-tech patent or copyright directly from the JUICE Network.

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JUICE Member Patent Listing

Patent number: 10204213

Title: Methods and apparatus for monitoring and/or regulating medicament and medicament dispensation

Abstract: Some embodiments are directed to a system for monitoring an inhaler that includes a volume of medicament for dispensation to an individual. The system includes a transmitter, disposed at the inhaler, for wirelessly transmitting data relating to the aspect of the inhaler. A monitor, which is remote from the transmitter and the inhaler, includes a receiver for receiving the data wirelessly transmitted from the transmitter, the data relating to the aspect of the inhaler including positional data relating to a relative position of the inhaler relative to the monitor and in particular a distance separating the inhaler and the monitor. The monitor also includes a processor for determining whether the distance separating the inhaler and the monitor exceeds a predetermined distance, the processor causing actuation of a notification device upon determining that the distance separating the inhaler and the monitor exceeds the predetermined distance.

Filed: December 14, 2015

Date of Patent: February 12, 2019

JUICE Member Inventors: Jayfus T. Doswell, Ph.D., , Kimberly Michele Armstrong