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The JUICE Chapter is a JUICE Network collegiate operation led by college/university students who, collaboratively, follow the JUICE mission.  Each JUICE Chapter is guided by JUICE Network regulated JUICE Chapter Bylaws. The JUICE Chapter is a culturally enriched entrepreneurship apprenticeship program tailored for college/university students who train and apply their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills in an urban entrepreneurship endeavor while following the empirically defined, JUICE Journey.  JUICE Chapter apprentices are mentored to: (i) Improve their STEM and/or entrepreneurship skill proficiency; (ii) Create high-tech product innovations; and Commercialize products/services from their college or university to facilitate technology transfer license revenues shared by their companies and respective institutions. Following rigorous training, JUICE Chapter Apprentices are early prepared to secure apprenticeships with network of JUICE companies. Additionally, each JUICE Chapter may remotely access a cyber-learning infrastructure to facilitate collegiate collaboration among other JUICE Chapters as well as JUICE Clubs (i.e., JUICE Structure at the middle or high school level) while developing high-tech products/services, intellectual property, and/or high-tech companies. JUICE Chapter apprentices regularly pitch ideas, gain feedback, lead teams, and guide other entrepreneurs to achieve the JUICE Mission objective in a supportive atmosphere.

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