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JUICE Award Money Management Operation AMMO. After successfully securing an award, JETs will activate to manage your award following a discipline JUICE Award Money Management Operation (AMMO) including:

  • DCAA Accounting compliance
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Compliance
  • Timesheet compliance
  • Financial Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and Payroll liability
  • Wage compliance

The JUICE AMMO Dashboard will present status information about the state of your company including:

  • Business Federal and State Tax Status
  • State Property Tax Status
  • Certificate of Good Standing Status
  • Wag Law Certificate Posting Status. 
  • DCAA Compliant timesheet configuration status/fund
  • DCAA Compliant account with expenditure ledger/fund  
  • Quarterly or Annual P&L
  • Predictive Analytics Proforma of JUICE innovation if goals are met

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The JUICE AMMO team of JETs continually train and serve as the 1st line of defense against


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Jayfus Doswell

Jayfus Doswell

President/Chief Executive Officer
Cyrus Green

Cyrus Green

Edward Hill, MD, JD

Edward Hill, MD, JD

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer | Juxtopia®
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JUICE Founder & Co-Director, Dr. Jayfus Tucker Doswell, recently tested the JUICE Process on his own innovation by going to an unfamiliar state for 8 months; writing 3 NIH SBIR/STTR proposals in coffee shops with an average laptop; and winning All 3 NIH SBIR/STTRs including

Dr. Jayfus Tucker Doswell Company CEO

The 1st successful NIH STTR Phase I award for Morgan State University’s (MSU) 1st patent focus on eradicating Alzheimer’s health disparities with a new protein crystallization device and resulting in MSU’s 1st high-tech company spin-out in, during that time, 149 year history.

Morgan State University

 The 1st NIH SBIR Phase I proposal JUICE Member, Delta Health, to eradicate obesity disparities among African American adolescent girls with a novel mHealth innovation.

Delta Health